Links to Friends

Terri Schindler-Schiavo

Terri is in a fight for her life as friends and family are trying to prevent her husband from withdrawing water and nutrition...and causing her to die. A hearing is scheduled for September 11, 2003 to determine a date when Terri's feeding tube is to be removed.

Visit Terri's websites here and here to learn about her, to sign a petition to save her life, and to pray for her.


Jennifer, a 2000 graduate from Lyman, became a quadraplegic after diving into shallow water on July 4, 2000.

Visit Jennifer's website.

Mandy and Jennifer go to see Monsters, Inc. in November, 2001.

Angie Hobbs

Angie Hobbs was involved in a motorcycle accident 5 days after Mandy's accident and suffered Traumatic Brain Syndrome.   Rick and Pam met her family in the ICU waiting room at ORMC and had lost touch till September 2001.  She is in a condition close to Mandy's at this point.

Visit Angie's website.


Faithful Families

Faithful Families is a home group from Northland who "adopted" Mandy in 2001. They have done things like bringing supplies she needs and visiting with their children. The kids have made cards for Mandy and on her birthday they brought flowers and more supplies; they have been really great to Mandy and are such sweet people (the children too). It's really neat how they are teaching even very young kids how to serve. They have been a great blessing!