Take Action Time has run out on the Medicaid funds the Bradshaws have relied upon so heavily for Mandy's medical care. Go to the Take Action section for more info.
Mandy's New Room An addition to the Bradshaw home is much needed to accomodate Mandy's special needs. (Room completed 12/2001) You can contribute to furnishings and supplies for this room. More information here.
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Meals As Mandy requires her mom's care 24 hours a day, meal preparation for herself and the rest of the family is a major task we can undertake for her (not to mention the expense of food). If you would like to prepare a meal - once or on a regular basis - contact Sue Hilinski at
Physical Therapy With Mandy's type of injury, it is vital that she have range of motion exercise 2 to 3 times per day. In place of the 3rd session, in the evenings we perform a prescribed "patterning" routine to retrain her brain with basic motions. If you would like to find out more about Mandy's physical therapy or become a member of MTV- contact Eleanor Tracey at
Financial Assistance The medical bills for hosptalizations, doctors, medications, therapies, equipment, etc. since August 1999 are extensive, as you can imagine.

If you would like to contribute financially to the needs of the Bradshaws, you can write a check to:

Northland, A Church Distributed
530 Dog Track Road
Longwood, Florida 32750

Be sure to designate it for Mandy Bradshaw ON A SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER - NOT ON THE CHECK.

Massage Therapy Mandy was receiving regular massage therapy that supplemented the physical therapy (and she loved it) until recently.

Contact us if you know a licensed massage therapist who would be willing to come on a regular basis (any frequency would be greatly appreciated).