Mandy's Favorite Things

Favorite Bible Verses
Jeremiah 29:11, 1 Peter 4:10, and 1Corinthians.13

Favorite Things to Do
She loves to dance! Singing and dancing are her favorite things. She loves to go to Florida Gator games with her Grandfather and scream her head off (her friends know she is also very loud!).

She loves to go to church and was there just about every time the doors were open.

Favorite Music
She loves a lot of different styles: Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, the soundtrack of Hope Floats, Les Miserables, Grease, Lauryn Hill, Jewel and of course the Dixie Chicks!

Favorite Movies
She likes scary movies and movies that make you cry - Life is Beautiful is one of her very favorite movies.